VORAFUSE™ Epoxy Intermediates

Meeting OEM emissions and fuel efficiency requirements is a difficult challenge when working with conventional materials such as steel or aluminum. Epoxy-fiber composites made with VORAFUSE™ epoxy intermediates exhibit competitive strength and stiffness at much lower density, enabling the production of components that can function alongside traditional metal parts in an efficient hybrid construction. When combined with carbon fiber or glass fiber fabric, VORAFUSE offers improved handling and rapid cycle times for compression molding of composite parts for structural applications. VORAFUSE can be tailored to specific tack, glass-transition temperature and cure profiles required for high performance applications.


  • Door inners
  • Hood inners
  • A, B and C pillars
  • Roof rails


  • Cured in two to five minutes for high volume manufacturing
  • Used to enable automated manufacturing solutions
  • Manufactured in a variety of fabric configurations, including unidirectional tape as well as woven, braided or noncrimp fabric at a range of areal weights
  • Developed with a range of surface tack to match handling constraints involved in typical laminate construction and exhibit significant room temperature shelf life

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