VORAFORCE™ Composite systems

VORAFORCE™ polyurethane and epoxy systems for industrial applications are designed for high performing production with the typical composites processes, such as Filament Winding, Pultrusion, Infusion, Hand Lay-up, Resin Transfer Molding, Structural Reaction Injection Molding (SRIM), Long Fiber Injection (LFI), Composite Spray, Reinforced RIM (RRIM), and Lightweight Spray.


  • Construction
  • Architectural design panels
  • Curved structures
  • Consumer Durables, e.g. skis
  • Infrastructure parts e.g. manhole covers
  • Tractor bonnets and industrial vehicle’s body panels
  • Hulls and decks of personal water crafts
  • Sanitary wares such as spa panels
  • Architectural or building products such as doors skins and decking boards
  • Single- or multi-layered structures, e.g. instrument panels for coach buses
  • Self-supporting non-structural applications
  • Honeycomb structures
  • Construction Profiles
  • Window lineal
  • Ladders
  • Electrical Infrastructure
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Automotive components, e.g.footsteps
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Gas cylinders (CNG, LPG)
  • Water Purification Tanks
  • High-Performance Pipes


  • Low viscosity
  • Low exothermicity
  • Excellent wetting properties
  • Low exothermicity
  • Excellent fatigue performance
  • Very short cycle times through fast cure and IMR technology
  • High surface quality meeting Class A standards
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Short cycle times due to very fast cure
  • High surface quality
  • Suitable for glass contents up to 40% fand high strength structural composite parts
  • Fast cure
  • Rheology optimized for easy processing
  • Suitable for glass contents up to 20% resulting in medium strength composite parts
  • Short cycle times due to very fast cure and IMR technology
  • Excellent impregnation of fiber glass reinforcement
  • Excellent processing properties
  • High pultrusion speed and toughness through enhanced polyurethane systems
  • Expandable for lower densities
  • High pultrusion speed
  • Excellent processing
  • Allows for production optimization
  • Ability to meet a high temperature requirements (Tg)
  • Fast cure for short cycle times
  • Excellent wetting for very high strength and impact
  • Resistant parts
  • Suitable for thin wall design
  • Enhanced performance through FORTEGRATM toughening technology
  • Ability to meet a wide range of temperature requirements ( Tg)
  • Excellent fiber wetting fand high mechanical strength

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