NORDEL™ EPDM is a comprehensive portfolio featuring the widest range of ethylene content available in the industry. These high-quality, virtually gel-free polymers provide improved yield, scrap reduction, and unparalleled polymer cleanliness. New advanced molecular catalyst (AMC) technology has enabled the development of new grades offering broad molecular weight, including ultra-high molecular weight capability, high to low polymer mooney viscosity, and oil-extended options. Our expanded offering of NORDEL EPDM grades enable fast mixing and processing, faster curing, increased filler acceptance, and high quality Class A surfaces. NORDEL EPDM produced using AMC technology not only outperforms traditional Ziegler-Natta grades, but is also produced more efficiently using 20-25% less energy. We are actively adding product information to our website. For product information beyond what is currently listed, please click on the link entitled “Detailed Product Information” in the Additional Resources section below. If you need additional assistance, please contact your Dow representative, or our Customer Information Group (CIG) online by clicking on the “REQUEST INFORMATION” button below.


  • Transportation: Sealing systems, hoses, belts, molded rubber goods, and tires
  • Construction: Roofing, building profiles, floor covering, pipe seals, insulation foam, and bridge pads
  • Consumer Goods: Sports and recreation surfaces, tires, appliance hoses, and garden hoses


  • Ultra-clean, low gel
  • Exceptional uniformity and lot-to-lot consistency
  • Highly reproducible and predictable results
  • Low catalyst residues for reduced scrap
  • Broad molecular weight , including ultra-high molecular weight capability
  • High to low polymer mooney viscosity

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