DOW™ C5 Dienes Crude

DOW™ C5 Dienes Crude is a mixture of C5 components rich in cyclopentadiene, piperylene and isoprene. It originates from the high temperature cracking of petroleum fractions and is separated out of pyrolysis gasoline (pygas) by distillation during the production of benzene. Cyclopentadiene and its dimer dicyclopentadiene are used as raw material for various polymerizations to produce polyester resins. Isoprene is used as a monomer to produce polyisoprene for passenger car tires, footwear, mechanical goods, sealants and caulking compounds. Piperylenes are used to produce C5 based hydrocarbon resins for various applications such as ink and adhesives. Piperylene is also used to produce copolymerization elastomers, petroleum resins, curing agents, pesticides and perfumes.


  • Source for components like cyclopentadiene (CPD), isoprene or piperylene for further processing
  • Hydrocarbon resin production


  • Reliable, cost-effective source for high-value C5 aromatic hydrocarbon components
  • Suitable for use in a variety of applications
  • Available in Europe by barge


North America


Europe, Middle East, Africa & India


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Latin America



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