DOW™ Benzene

Benzene, C6H6, is a volatile, clear, colorless, and flammable liquid aromatic hydrocarbon possessing a distinct, characteristic odor. Benzene is the simplest aromatic compound, with a six-carbon ring, a hydrogen atom attached to each carbon atom, and alternating double bonds in the ring structure. It occurs naturally in fossil raw materials such as crude oil and coal tar. Benzene is used extensively as a chemical building block for the production of many important industrial compounds, such as those listed in the Uses section below.


  • Ethylbenzene and styrene (used to manufacture polystyrene plastics, engineering plastics, and synthetic rubber)
  • Cumene and phenol (used to make phenolic resins like epoxies, polycarbonate, and more)
  • Cyclohexane (used to make nylon products)
  • Nitrobenzene and aniline (used to make dyes, polyurethanes, etc.)
  • Alkylbenzenes (used to make detergents)
  • Chlorobenzenes and other intermediates (used to produce pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, plastics, glazing materials, resins, dyes, and pesticides)


  • Reliable, cost-effective source for benzene products
  • Suitable for use in a variety of applications
  • Available in Europe and North America by rail, barge, and vessel


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