CENTURION™ Acrylic Polymer for Elastomeric Roof Coatings

CENTURION™ Acrylic Binder for Roof Coatings is an innovative solution using proprietary cross-linking technology to vastly improve performance under ponded water. CENTURION exhibits best-in-class water swell performance for an acrylic coating along with reduced property drift after being exposed to water, and can expand the number and types of roofs suitable for an acrylic coating. CENTURION-based coatings do not require zinc oxide and enable formulators to retain their current manufacturing processes.


  • Direct-to-substrate applications over polyurethane roofing foam, concrete, galvanized metal and aluminum
  • Combining an ERC based on CENTURION-acrylic binder with a specialty basecoat or primer allows this technology to go over nearly every roofing surface.


  • Superior performance in ponded water areas of a roof
  • Very low water absorption (often less than 5% when properly formulated)
  • Excellent adhesion to polyurethane foam, concrete, galvanized metal and aluminum
  • Excellent compatibility with common water-based specialty basecoats and primers
  • Slower erosion rate than most other acrylics
  • Significantly reduces the surface temperature of a roof, which can help to reduce energy costs for the building
  • Excellent dirt pickup resistance
  • Excellent flexibility, even at low temperatures
  • A barrier to ultraviolet light, which can rapidly degrade some roof surfaces
  • Application can be done by airless spray, roller, brush or broom
  • Easily formulated below 50g/L volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Easy soap and water cleanup


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Europe, Middle East, Africa & India


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Viscosity @ 25⁰C, cPs

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