CARBOWAX™ SENTRY™ Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs) and CARBOWAX™ SENTRY™ Methoxypolyethylene Glycols (MPEGs) are highly versatile excipients and APIs designed to address the exacting requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The products have 75 years of proven performance in a variety of formulations. As active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) their low toxicity is valuable in laxative and colonic lavage formulations. As excipients they are widely used in solid oral dosage forms, ointment formulation bases, gelatin capsules, liquid medications, and suppositories. CARBOWAX™ SENTRY™ PEGs are available in a wide range of forms, viscosities and melting points, offering the flexibility to help optimize formulations.


  • osmotic laxatives
  • colonic lavage
  • solubility enhacement in liquid oral-dose medications such as cough medicines and elixirs as well as in soft and hard gelatin capsules
  • plasticizers in tablet coating formulations
  • synthesis of pharmaceutical actives such as diesters, carbonates, carbamates, and PEG/protein conjugates (‘PEGylation’).


  • CARBOWAX™ SENTRY™ PEGs and MPEGS are suitable for use in pharmaceutical, food contact, cosmetic and personal care applications
  • they can solubilize / disperse wide variety of components
  • they can tune formulation to achieve desired form (solid, liquid with certain viscosities and melt-freeze points)
  • they will not change taste / smell of formulation
  • they can blend with many other components and maintain shelf-life and helps ensure stability of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)
  • they attract and retain moisture—ideal for ointments and lotions
  • anti-static properties.

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