BETAFOAM™ Polyurethane Foams

For use in structural as well as acoustic applications, BETAFOAM™ polyurethane foams also offer NVH (noise, vibration and harshness), stiffness and energy management benefits. These two-component polyurethane foams adhere to primed metal surfaces and combine insulating and sealing performance. Several BETAFOAM products also provide local reinforcement to body structures for crash and energy management.


  • Can be used wherever cavity sealing or stiffening is required
  • Body-side joints
  • Sills
  • Pillars
  • Underbody cross-car structure
  • Frame rails
  • Longitudinal structure
  • Door panels
  • Engine cradles
  • Lateral rails
  • Hydroformed replacements


  • Design flexibility due to foam filling any cavity shape and contour, and no redesign required after sheet metal changes
  • Low-MDI formulations may relieve ventilation requirements and can be more easily facilitated in assembly plant environments
  • Enables increased performance to meet FMVSS requirements
  • Can enable up to 40 percent mass savings
  • Can enable downgauging or elimination of body-in-white content
  • Low material cost and reduced or eliminated metal tooling cost


North America


Europe, Middle East, Africa & India


Asia Pacific


Latin America