ACUSOL™ Dispersant Polymers for Home & Personal Care

ACUSOL™ Dispersants are designed to control scale formation, and disperse and remove dirt and minerals in a full spectrum of household, industrial and institutional applications. They help maintain softer, whiter fabrics, and cleaner, better looking surfaces.


  • Fabric wash powders and tablets
  • Liquid laundry detergents
  • Water-softener additives
  • Home-care liquid cleaners and bleach formulations
  • Industrial and institutional fabric-wash products, bottle-washing products, and metal-cleaning products


  • Good tablet integrity and dissolution
  • Very low dusting
  • High bulk density, minimal segregation
  • Reduced processing time, cost, and difficulty
  • Excellent inhibition of crystal growth and dispersion of precipitates in the cleaning bath
  • High performance in
  • Improve filming on glassware, ceramic plates, and flatware
  • Can be used across a wide range of alkalinity levels
  • Offers a bleach stable structure
  • Prevents the redeposition of clay sink onto the fabric or hard surface
  • Elimination of spotting in dishwash applications due to protein soils
  • Prevents lime soap encrustation in liquid laundry products containing fatty acid soaps
  • Safe and easy-to-handle liquid
  • Effective dispersant for a wide range of pigments
  • Excellent surfactant compatibility
  • Effective for calcium and magnesium dispersion, particularly in surfactant systems
  • Good heat stability
  • Highly effective in maintaining whiteness and providing lime soap dispersion for liquid fabric wash products
  • Superior processing aid in the production of powder detergents
  • Excellent results in low-built detergent formulations
  • Superior whiteness retention/soil anti-redeposition in hard water
  • Improved soil removal on linen rental type soils
  • Reduced fabric harshness/fabric encrustation


North America


Europe, Middle East, Africa & India


Asia Pacific


Latin America