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Extended online presence will better serve chemicals market

Shanghai, China - March 20, 2018

An authorized store by the Dow Chemical Company was launched on, an online platform dedicated to chemical product transactions and supply chain services, to serve customers in China. The extended online presence will further boost the e-commerce of Dow products by expanding the company’s sales channels and broadening its customer base.

The product lines initially available on the 0elem store includes construction chemical and polyurethanes products from Dow. Additional product lines will be available on the store in the future to meet the increasing needs of the booming China market. Specifically, the construction chemicals products include Dow’s best-selling acrylic emulsion products and cellulosic ether products. The acrylic emulsion products include TIANBA™ 2012 and PRIMAL™ AS-9519, both featuring sustainability, water resistance and superior performance in waterproofing and stucco applications. The cellulosic ether products include WALOCEL™ MC40 and WALOCEL™ MT 400 PFV, all manufactured by Dow’s plant in Germany and featuring high water retention, excellent workability and performance in various dry-mix applications.

Polyurethanes products sold on include VORAMER™ non-solvent running track binder and HYPOL™ pre-polymer. VORAMER™ non-solvent binder has excellent environmental performance–free of pungent odor and toxic volatile solvents. It strictly complies with the requirements of environmental protection. VORAMER™ non-solvent binder also features excellent adhesiveness and workability. It is widely applied in sports/leisure running tracks. HYPOL™ pre-polymer features superior hydrophilicity—the capacity to absorb and retain large amounts of water—as much as 20 times of its own weight, and thus serves as the perfect material for hydrophilic foams. It also features outstanding capability to slow release—effective in encapsulating functional additives such as acrylic resins and surfactants. It is used in various applications including personal care, healthcare, and horticulture.

The Dow authorized store on gives current customers additional online access to Dow’s industry-leading products and solutions. Furthermore, it allows Dow to serve a highly fragmented and diverse market segment and customer base not easily served through a dealer business model. Now, with the B2B service offered at Dow’s authorized 0elem store, such customers will have convenient access to Dow products while enjoying all the benefits of the B2B model. After a customer places an online order, an efficient door-to-door delivery service will be provided by Milkyway, a global chemicals supply chain provider with deep expertise in chemicals logistics and supply chain management. For the time being, a pick-up option is not being offered.

"At Dow, we focus on providing our customers with innovative and sustainable building and construction materials and we have been working hard to optimize our supply chains to meet the ever increasing demands of the China market. The launch of the Dow authorized store on is our latest effort in this regard, benefiting customers by enabling easy access to Dow’s industry-leading products and solutions," said James Yan, Asia Pacific Commercial Director of Dow Construction Chemicals.

“Polyurethanes products are used in a wide range of applications from energy efficiency, industrial and infrastructure, to consumer comfort. Dow’s innovative and top-performing polyurethanes products and solutions lead the industry and drive market needs. With the steady increase of China’s demand for polyurethanes products, we strive to help current customers grow while seeking to build long-term relationships with new customers including small-scale ones, who enable us to capture the great hidden market potential and the benefits of “the long tail” effect. The expansion of e-commerce channels is an effective approach to serve these markets and customers,” said Christina Yu, Asia Pacific Commercial Director of Dow Polyurethanes.

Dow continues to make investments in digital capabilities while also maintaining leadership in its brick and mortar operations. The opening of the authorized store on is an example of how ecommerce can increase the reach of Dow’s extensive manufacturing site network. Digitalization has been fundamentally altering the way we communicate and interact. The exciting adventure of digitalization has just started with infinite possibilities and opportunities ahead for us to explore. Dow is leveraging the power of cutting-edge digital technologies to construct an ecosystem that drives the digital economy, and in the process, providing differentiated products and services for various markets including industrial, energy, and consumer goods, creating more value for customers, large and small, and achieving shared success.

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