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Air Freshener

HYPOL™ Hydrophilic Polyurethane Prepolymers provide fragrance release control in air fresheners, for a home that smells better longer.

Bathtub/Shower Sealant

VORASIL™ Silane Modified Polymers fill gaps in showers and tubs to add flexibility, strength and water resistance.

Cosmetic Pads/Bath Sponges

HYPOL™ Hydrophilic Prepolymers help cosmetic pads and bath sponges reach peaks of absorption while offering antiseptic features and a soft touch.

Memory Foam Mat

VORALUX™ and VORANOL™ Polyols help create soft, durable, low-resiliency memory foam mats.


VORACOR™ is a family of polyurethane components and systems used as spray insulation in the shower structure, offering excellent sound proofing.


DURELAST™ Polyurethane Systems help reinforc...

Tile Sealants

VORASIL™ Silane Modified Polymers add flexibility, strength and water resistance to high-performance tile sealants.