The Polymer of Choice in Multi-Particulates

ETHOCEL™ ethyl cellulose polymers are film-forming, release rate-modifying and water-insoluble polymers that have been used in pharmaceutical applications for over half of a century.

ETHOCEL™ is Dow’s longest established brand and one of the few water-insoluble cellulosic excipients available to the pharmaceutical market. The products are derived from predominantly renewable resources, and sourced primarily from suppliers with certified sustainable forestry practices.

ETHOCEL™ products are soluble in common solvents and compatible with many plasticizers. Its distinctive properties make it ideal for: extended release multi-particulate coatings, micro-encapsulation of actives, controlled release hydrophobic matrix systems, solvent and extrusion granulation, tablet binding for direct compression and taste-masking of bitter APIs.

A broad range of ETHOCEL™ polymers are available varying in viscosity, substitution and powder properties. The polymers form strong, flexible films that are commonly used in coatings. Fine Particle grades are also available for use in inert matrix tablets as well as High Productivity grades for use in dry-powder application of barrier membranes to multiparticulate beads.

ETHOCEL™ High Productivity is a new polymer designed for high speed dry powder layering process - coat up to 70% faster than current multiparticulate coating technologies, in a completely solventless system for environmentally friendly multi-particulate production.

Applications for ETHOCEL™ Polymers