Dry Processes

As pharmaceutical companies face greater competitiveness, there is an industry-wide shift from batch to continuous processing using direct compression and other dry processing techniques such as hot-melt extrusion, dry-powder layering, roller compaction and dry granulation.

Dry powder processing involves less production steps than wet granulation, thus improving efficiency and reducing production costs. Furthermore, dry powder processing avoids the degradation of moisture-labile or heat-sensitive active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Direct compression is the ideal continuous processing option because all granulation steps are eliminated, further simplifying the manufacturing process. With direct compression, formulators can reduce waste, shorten development time, increase throughput, and lower total manufacturing costs by up to 60%.

Enabled by Dow’s patented Designed Particle Morphology (DPM) Technology, Dow engineered the METHOCEL™ DC2 product family to help formulators enjoy the benefits of dry powder processing techniques while maintaining a consistent modified release performance.

Furthermore, Dow’s ETHOCEL™ resins can be used as granulation binders to improve the flow and compaction characteristics of immediate and controlled release formulations made with dry processing techniques.

Solutions for Dry Processes