Solubility Enhancement

Trends in drug characteristics increasingly favor greater degrees of lipophilicity, higher molecular weight, greater physical form complexity, and significantly lower aqueous solubility. Consequently, many chemical entities in drug development pipelines have poor water solubility.

Low aqueous solubility severely limits a compound’s oral bioavailability and therefore also limits the commercial viability of a new product. As a consequence, many active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that could potentially help cure diseases and improve consumers’ lives never enter the market.

Dow Pharma Solutions is committed to addressing the solubilization performance requirements of your APIs with a portfolio of solubility enhancing products.

To meet the industry needs, we utilize an array of technologies including:

  • High-throughput polymer synthesis
  • API polymer performance screening
  • Laboratory-scale product development
  • Structure/property optimization
  • cGMP market-development plant capable of supporting clinical development of optimized solutions.

Solutions for Solubility Enhancement