Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Dow’s active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) can help you provide safe and trusted treatment alternatives.

Dow's active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for Hypercholesterolemia, Hyperkalemia and intestinal health are manufactured to the highest API industry standards and help provide medical professionals with safe, trusted treatment alternatives. Our collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and a global network of distributors allow us to help improve patient outcomes around the world.

Dow’s exchange resins can help lowering cholesterol levels


Lowering cholesterol levels starts with a healthy diet and exercise, but when that isn’t enough, Dow’s tailored ion exchange resins can help.

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Dow’s exchange resins can help reduce potassium levels


Tailored ion exchange resins to help reduce potassium levels.

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Effective relief for constipation

Intestinal Health

Mild and effective relief for constipation and colonic lavage.

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