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SupraCare™ 133 POLYMER

​In order to provide fabric care benefits (e.g., softening and fragrance deposition) through the wash without compromising on whiteness retention, Dow developed and launched SupraCare™ 133 Polymer, a cationic laundry conditioning polymer. The cationic nature of the polymer enables its strong interaction with negatively charged fabric surfaces, which makes the polymer an effective conditioning benefit agent and deposition aid for in-wash fabric care. Moreover, through design of the polymer composition, SupraCare™ 133 Polymer avoids greying negatives (excessive clay soil redeposition) found with conventional cationic laundry care materials.


  • Liquid and unit dose laundry detergents


  • In-wash softening
  • Anti-greying performance
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Compatible with a broad range of surfactants
  • Effective over a large pH range
  • Exhibits clear formulations
  • Made with bio-renewable materials
  • 2-in-1 laundry liquid solution

Turn laundry into a vivid sensory experience

SupraCare™ 133 Polymer is a laundry-conditioning polymer for in-wash fabric care that offers superior softening and an anti-greying agent to keep clothes bright, fresh and clean – critical components of the customer home care experience. Compatible with a broad range of surfactant systems and effective over a large pH range, it enables long-lasting fragrance and may increase fiber longevity.

SupraCare™ 133 Polymer is a new grade of cationic cellulose for 2-in-1 laundry liquids that delivers softness, improves fragrance deposition and combats the negative effects of greying. It can be easily introduced into liquid formulations and added as is (after adding surfactants and before neutralization).


Tests confirm the addition of SupraCare™ 133 Polymer can deliver an in-wash softening effect and improved fragrance deposition while avoiding greying negatives (excessive clay soil redeposition) found with conventional cationic laundry care materials (Figures 1, 2, 3).

Figure 1: Anti-Greying Performance

SupraCare™ 133 Polymer significantly reduces the greying negatives on both cotton and polyester/cotton, enabling this cellulosic derivative to deliver sensorial benefits.

Chart of whiteness index for cotton and polyester/cotton

Terg-O-tometer, 12-minute wash, 3-minute rinse; 300 ppm (Ca/Mg= 2/1 mole ratio), 5 cycles, 24oC; 1 g/L US HDL with or without 1% Cationic Cellulose in HDL per cycle; 0.63 g of Red Art Clay + 2.5 g Dust Sebum per cycle

Figure 2: In-Wash Softening Performance

Panel evaluation showed a strong softening effect by using SupraCare™ 133 Polymer in HDL formulation, comparable with standard cationic cellulose technology.

In-wash softening performance - panel evaluation

US washing machines, medium load (70L); cold, light wash, 3 cycles, 24°;,150 ppm (Ca:Mg= 2:1 mole ratio); 0.5g/L US HDL with or without 1% SupraCare™ 133 Polymer in HDL per wash, cotton fabric

Figure 3: Improved Fragrance Deposition

SupraCare™ 133 Polymer improved fragrance deposition by 35% in wet conditions measured by extraction and GC-MS.

Chart of concentration off fragrance in washed cloth extraction

Terg-O-tometer, 15-minute wash, 3-minute rinse, 3 cycles, 24°C; 150 ppm (Ca/Mg = 2/1 mole ratio); 0.5 g/L US HDL with or without 1% Cationic HEC in HDL, cotton fabric; 1% orange oil (fragrance) in HDL; washed cloth was extracted with solvent. Fragrance level in the extraction was measured with GC-MS.

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SupraCare™ 133 POLYMER
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SupraCare™ 133 POLYMER

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SupraCare™ 133 POLYMER
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