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Very Good Durability, Very Good Gloss. Can be used in formulations to produce concentrates. It is based on a unique polymer technology that allows the formulator to develop high performance polishes with an excellent balance of properties. The innovative polymer technology features a distinctive polymerization process that enhances the polymer’s stability which makes it possible to formulate high performance polish concentrates.


These values are typical properties and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

  • APE-free Yes No true
  • MFFT-Minimum Film Formation Temp Yes No 60-70 °C
  • Zinc-Based Crosslinking Yes No true
  • DURAPLUS™ C-3668
    Water-Borne, Very Good Durability & Gloss. It is an acrylic silicone hybrid polymer developed for clear wood floor finishes. It was specifically designed for athletic surfaces such as racquetball courts and gymnasiums. It is designed to be an aqueous performance offset to solvent-borne oilmodified, urethane wood finishes. Relative to the solvent based urethanes, this is free of color and will not discolor due to air oxidation. The formulations provide complete coating (from bare wood) or top coating with minimal floor down-time. What’s more, the durability of the films is at least as good as that of the curing urethanes. The performance offset to solvent-borne oil-modified, urethane wood finishes. It is based on patented silanol-silane crosslinking chemistry which is inert until the polymer emulsion particles come into contact during the drying process.

  • DURAGREEN™ 4373

    A unique styrene acrylic copolymer designed to provide a high-gloss finish in medium- to high-maintenance floor finishes. 

  • RHOPLEX™ WL-91 Polymer

    A hard, acrylic copolymer designed for waterborne clear and pigmented industrial finishes for metal, concrete, plastic and wood substrates.  Suitable for both ambient and forced dry industrial primers and lacquers, it facilitates the formulation of coatings with an attractive appearance, excellent chemical and solvent resistance, hardness, adhesion and corrosion resistance.  It is recommended for use in fast-drying metal primers and direct-to-metal (DTM) finishes over untreated and treated metals.  With excellent resistance to chemicals and oil and good film toughness, it also performs well in concrete sealers and floor tile sealers

    A modified acrylic polymer that offers high gloss and exceptional durability, and is specially modified to have excellent resistance to harsh detergent solutions. It offers a level of unsurpassed durability, while also offering very good response to high speed burnishing operations. Dow offers polishes with a distinct combination of polish hardness, resilience, and an undetectable level of ammonia odor. This helps polishes to dissipate the energy of foot traffic, impacts and abrasion, offering excellent resistance to black marks and scuffing, as well as gloss retention. All of these benefits assure notable labor savings. Excellent Durability, Excellent Gloss, low ammonia odor and Alcohol Resistance.

  • UHS PLUS™ Emulsion
    Outstanding Ultra High Speed Burnish Response. The floor finish polymer is a metal-crosslinked, modified acrylic polymer specifically designed to provide outstanding ultra-high-speed (UHS) burnish response and “wet look” gloss. UHS Plus-based finishes are ideally suited for a wide range of applications in retail stores and other areas where outstanding appearance is desired.

    Excellent Durability, Very Good Gloss, Formulated up to 30% solids for low to high maintenance finishes. A polymer is based on innovative patented technology that enables more effective use of carboxylic acid groups within the polymer. Unlike other polymers that produce high solids formulations, it delivers a higher zinc to acid molar ratio than is possible with conventional zinc cross-linked technologies. The unique feature of high cross-link density coupled with low acid level and its high Tg (62°C) allows it to provide finishes with superior durability, excellent soil resistance, and faster dry time. To provide finishes with superior durability, excellent soil resistance, and faster dry time.

  • RHOPLEX™ 3829

    Optically brightened; Very Good Durability, Excellent Gloss, optically brightened. A highly durable low foaming, metal-crosslinked, modified acrylic polymer that employs patented optically brightening technology. Properly formulated polishes based on this product brighten and optically enhance the natural appearance of the floor. These polishes are an excellent choice for high profile floors, where high gloss and durability are desirable. Supermarkets, retail stores, hospitals and schools, are good examples of this type of application.

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