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PRIMAL™ 2133 Emulsion

Small particle size, hard acrylic-styrene polymer emulsion that facilitates the formulation of sealers and primers for concrete surfaces. When properly formulated, sealers made with PRIMAL 2133 Emulsion offer excellent adhesion to a variety of concrete substrates, including old concrete floors which retain embedded oil and dirt. Its hard polymer composition extends its application as abrasion resistant topcoats for floors. Outstanding Adhesion, Very Good Chemical Resistance. Can be used on Concrete surfaces.Because formulations made with PRIMAL 2133 are “permanent” sealers(impervious to conventional floor polish strippers), they provide an excellent base for “high tech” concrete floors maintained with polishes used for resilient tile floors. PRIMAL 2133 performs optimally as a concrete floor sealer. It can be formulated, however, as a resilient tile floor sealer with acceptable performance characteristics.


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  • % Solids Yes No 41.5 %
  • % Solids Range Yes No 41-42 %
  • APE-free Yes No false
  • Chemistry Yes No Styrene Acrylic
  • Coalescent Demand Yes No 20 - 30 %
  • ECO Benefits Yes No Formaldehyde Free
  • MFFT-Minimum Film Formation Temp Yes No 50-60 °C
  • Use Yes No Primer, Solid Color / Pigmented Stain, Putty
  • VOC Capable (g/L) Yes No < 150
  • Zinc-Based Crosslinking Yes No false
    A modified acrylic polymer that offers high gloss and exceptional durability, and is specially modified to have excellent resistance to harsh detergent solutions. It offers a level of unsurpassed durability, while also offering very good response to high speed burnishing operations. Dow offers polishes with a distinct combination of polish hardness, resilience, and an undetectable level of ammonia odor. This helps polishes to dissipate the energy of foot traffic, impacts and abrasion, offering excellent resistance to black marks and scuffing, as well as gloss retention. All of these benefits assure notable labor savings." and is specially modified to have excellent resistance to harsh detergent solutions. Excellent Durability, Excellent Gloss, low odor.

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PRIMAL™ 2133 Emulsion
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PRIMAL™ 2133 Emulsion

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PRIMAL™ 2133 Emulsion
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