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PARALOID™ EXL-3330 Impact Modifier

Pelletized butyl acrylate-based toughener with excellent inherent thermal stability and good balance of toughness. It typically finds applications in PC (polycarbonate), PBT, and PC blends such as PC/ABS, PC/PET, and PC/PBT.


  • A UV and heat-resistant impact modifier
  • With engineering resins
  • Resins including Polycarbonate (PC), Polybutylene Terephthlate (PBT), PC Blends such as PC/PET, PC/PBT, PC/PLA, styrene/acrylonitrile (SAN), and glass-filled nylon</
  • Automotive applications
  • Epoxy moulding compounds
  • Potting
  • Electrical laminates
  • Durable goods and appliances
  • Electronic applications
  • E&E applications
  • Transportation applications
  • A light diffuser in transparent Polycarbonate
  • Provides a high level opalescence to transparent Polycarbonate
  • Automotive parts (under-the-hood)
  • Sporting and leisure equipment
  • Industrial applications


  • Greatly increases toughness
  • Good retention of part rigidity
  • Excellent room temperature impact
  • Good low-temperature impact performance
  • Excellent weatherability
  • Excellent dispersion into the listed engineering resins
  • Good modulus and melt flow retention
  • Good impact performance in styrenic copolymers
  • Excellent processing stability
  • Pellet form for ease of use for those not desiring to handle powders
  • Greatly increases heat stability of polycarbonate
  • Increases toughness and elongation at break of epoxy resins
  • Improves fatigue resistance of expoxy resins
  • Improves adhesion to metal substrates
  • Excellent room temperature impact
  • Good modulus retention in glass filled systems
  • Excellent dispersion in engineering resins
  • Very good low-temperature impact performance
  • Epoxy toughening
  • High purity
  • Excellent optical properties in transparent ABS
  • Excellent dispersion
  • Good low temperature performance
  • Decreases the gloss of a finished product without affecting the mechanical properties
  • Eliminates the need for specially textured tools or matt coatings
  • Shows significant matting efficiency in Polycarbonate and Polycarbonate blends
  • Excellent part surface finish with good retention of part rigidity
  • Improves impact strength of glass-filled polycarbonate
  • Easy colorize compounding resin
  • Good performance for high gloss surface needed applications
  • Robustness in extreme processing conditions
  • Very good impact performance in polyamides and glass-filled systems
  • Good thermal and oxydative stability

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PARALOID™ EXL-3330 Impact Modifier
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PARALOID™ EXL-3330 Impact Modifier

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PARALOID™ EXL-3330 Impact Modifier
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