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PARALOID™ 21521-XP Impact Modifier

Acrylic weatherable impact modifier that delivers very high efficiency combined with high gloss necessary for high output profile extrusion. It maximizes the “process window” in which PVC vinyl compounds can reliably develop optimal physical properties, in particular impact resistance.


  • Multifunctional Impact Modifier
  • All rigid PVC profile extrusions
  • Complex window lineal profile extrusions, where additional metal release can limit shear-burning issues


  • Delivers combination of impact and processing features
  • Delivers very high efficiency impact
  • Combined with gloss and increased metal release, necessary for high output profile extrusion
  • Increased metal release for complicated profiles to limit shear-burning
  • Processing window maximized to develop: high impact resistance and consistent gloss
  • Over a wide range of processing conditions/temperatures
  • Delivers both drop dart and Izod impact performance

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PARALOID™ 21521-XP Impact Modifier
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PARALOID™ 21521-XP Impact Modifier

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PARALOID™ 21521-XP Impact Modifier
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