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DOWSIL™ HPI-1000 Building Insulation Blanket

A new insulation product with significantly improved thermal resistance as compared to conventional insulation products. Its thin profile, superb flexibility, and compression resistance allow for thermal protection in hard to insulate spaces. It can be easily cut and conformed to complex shapes and tight curvatures and adhered without difficulty to building products. An ideal solution for sealing tough connection points in building envelopes, such as where glazing systems meet cavity walls, where below grade systems meet above grade systems, and where parapets meet roofs. Building Insulation Blanket is also fire-resistant, hydrophobic and does not settle over time.


  • Where below-grade systems meet above-grade wall systems
  • Where glazing systems meet cavity walls
  • Where design results in exposed or underinsulated slab edges
  • Where additional thermal insulation is required at curtainwall mullions (mullion wrap)
  • Where parapets meet roofs


These values are typical properties and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

  • Color Yes No Gray
  • Fire Resistant Yes No true
  • Hydrophobic Yes No true
  • Permeability (ASTM E96) Yes No 2300 ng/Pa*m2*s / 41 US perms
  • R-Value/inch Yes No 9.6 (hr*ft2*F)/(Btu*in)
  • Resistance Type Yes No Thermal Resistance
  • Service Temperature High Yes No 200 °C
  • Specific Gravity Yes No 0.165
  • Thermal Conductivity Yes No 0.0146 Watts per meter K
Roll of blanket insulation

Flexible, thin-profile material delivers significantly improved thermal resistance in hard-to-insulate spaces

Reduce thermal bridging and expand design possibilities

DOWSIL™ HPI-1000 Building Insulation Blanket is a thin, flexible insulation material that uses advanced silicon-based aerogel technology to deliver significantly improved thermal resistance versus conventional insulation products.

The thin profile allows for fast, easy installation compared to conventional insulation materials and provides excellent thermal bridging for difficult profiles such as curves and corners where it’s often bulky or complicated to install. This material is fire-resistant, water-vapor permeable, and hydrophobic.

DOWSIL™ HPI-1000 Building Insulation Blanket is an ideal solution for insulating challenging space-limited and transition conditions in building envelopes.

Achieve superior thermal performance

Using thermal modeling software, DOWSIL™ HPI-1000 Building Insulation Blanket was evaluated and analyzed based on ASHRAE 1365-RP.

Comparative R-value Per Inch

[1] Average R-values shown in hr-ft2-F/BTU; USI-values shown in W/m2K.


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DOWSIL™ HPI-1000 Building Insulation Blanket
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DOWSIL™ HPI-1000 Building Insulation Blanket

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DOWSIL™ HPI-1000 Building Insulation Blanket
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