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DOWSIL™ FA 4003 DM Silicone Acrylate

A blend of approximately 40% of acrylates/polytrimethylsiloxy-methacrylate copolymer in 2 cSt polydimethylsiloxane. After evaporation of the polydimethyl-siloxane, the high molecular weight silicone acrylate copolymer forms a film on skin. INCI Name: Dimethicone (and) Acrylates/Polytrimethylsiloxymethacrylate Copolymer 


  • Improve long wear of cosmetics
    • High water, sebum repellency
    • High film flexibility
    • High film integrity
    • High rub-off resistance
  • Comfort to wear
  • SPF boosting
  • Listed in the Catalogue of Cosmetics Ingredients used in China


These values are typical properties and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

  • Color Yes No Clear to Slightly Hazy
  • Film Forming on Skin Yes No true
  • Flexible Hold Yes No true
  • Improves SPF Yes No true
  • Nonvolatile Content Yes No 40 %
  • Resistance Type Yes No Water Resistance, Rub Resistance
  • Shelf Life Yes No 720 Days
  • Smooth Feel Yes No true
  • Viscosity at 25ºC Yes No 199 Centistokes

No more meltdowns

Today's consumers don't have time to waste on cosmetics or sun care products that don't work or don't last. That's why they insist on products that can keep up with their active lifestyles – wearing beautifully and feeling smooth and comfortable – and not resulting in a midday meltdown. With the new silicone film forming agent, DOWSIL™ FA 4003 DM Silicone Acrylate, it is possible to formulate long-wear products that leave skin soft, smooth and supple.

Evaluation of film flexibility

This test evaluates the ability of the film to withstand a one-fold elongation of substrate. Less cracks indicate better film flexibility.

Comparing DOWSIL™ FA 4003 DM Silicone Acrylate to the average benchmark

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DOWSIL™ FA 4003 DM Silicone Acrylate
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DOWSIL™ FA 4003 DM Silicone Acrylate

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DOWSIL™ FA 4003 DM Silicone Acrylate
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