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DOWSIL™ EasyRinse GP-4633 Granules

An EasyRinse Technology in granular form for manual and semi-automatic, high suds laundry detergents that provides a solution to better manage foam during the rinse cycle enabling up to 50% less water needed for the rinse. The product differentiates itself from the existing foam control agents due to negligible impact on the foam during the wash and fast foam reduction once rinsing begins. 


  • Manual laundry powders
  • High-suds powder detergents
  • Semi-automatic washing machines


  • Enables the reduction of rinse water by up to half
  • Reduces foam once rinsing begins – with negligible impact on foam during wash cycle
  • Less residue on fabrics after rinsing
  • Easier rinse-water discharge in top-load machines
  • Easy to dose (0.5-1.5% as is) with 15% active foam control content
  • Cost-effective solution, low cost to treat
  • White, free-flowing powder
hand washing clothes

Save water, effort and time when rinsing

Help consumers save potable water with new EasyRinse technology. New DOWSIL™ EasyRinse GP-4633 Granules offer brand owners a solution to better manage foam during the rinse cycle (Figure 1). This unique silicone additive with a surfactant-level trigger activates during the rinse cycle — leaving the suds virtually untouched during the wash cycle. With fast foam reduction once the rinsing begins, DOWSIL™ EasyRinse GP-4633 Granules can enable:

  • Up to a 50% reduction in rinse water
  • Less consumer time and effort

Figure 1: DOWSIL™ EasyRinse GP-4633 Granules in manual powder detergent

DOWSIL™ EasyRinse GP-4633 Granules were tested in formulation against a leading manual powder detergent from the South African market at 0.68% concentration. Using these silicone foam control granules, up to 50% less water was needed for the rinse.

Figure 1
Tested according to the bucket protocol.

Manual wash Chart

How it works

The silicone-based foam control technology incorporates a surfactant-level activation trigger that reduces water use when rinsing clothes. The trigger preserves the foam level during the washing stage but activates on the first rinse (Figure 2). It then dissipates the foam at a much earlier stage in the rinse cycle. Because consumers typically stop rinsing when the foaming stops, up to 50% less potable water is used as a result.

Figure 2

EasyRinse Graph

Save Water, Effort and Time When Rinsing

See DOWSIL™ EasyRinse GP-4633 Granules in action! Using a side-by-side visual comparison, we tested straight commercial powder detergent against the commercial powder detergent + DOWSIL™ EasyRinse GP-4633 Granules.

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DOWSIL™ EasyRinse GP-4633 Granules
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DOWSIL™ EasyRinse GP-4633 Granules

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DOWSIL™ EasyRinse GP-4633 Granules
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