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DOWSIL™ 52 Additive

Improves mar resistance and slip in water-borne systems

Discover how to manufacture higher performance paints and wood coatings

Power Up Your Coatings

With DOWSIL™ 52 Additive formulators now have the unique capability of fine-tuning a wide array of properties—from slip to scratch resistance and more. Controlling slip while improving scratch and abrasion resistance, and without negatively affecting other important coating benefits, has been difficult to accomplish up to now. With Dow Consumer Solutions' cost effective silicone additives, you can reduce wear & friction to achieve high performance abrasion resistant coating formulations.

DOWSIL™ 52 Additive can change the way you think about formulating. This unique additive is an ultra-high molecular weight silicone dispersion engineered to use in industrial waterborne wood coatings, wood trim, inks, overprint varnishes and interior/exterior paints. This additive is easily incorporated during let-down and post-addition production stages at very low levels, allowing you to achieve good cost-in-use benefits.

Advantages you’ll notice…

  • Customizable slip performance 
  • Effective alone or with wax emulsions 
  • No impact on current properties 
  • Enhanced scratch and abrasion resistance 
  • Good sandability and recoatability 
  • Improved anti-blocking 
  • Use in interior and exterior coatings 
  • Compatible with multiple formulations 
  • Easy incorporation and dispersion 
  • Highly effective at low addition levels 
  • Good hand feel

Get better benefits when used alone or with wax emulsions

Testing reveals that DOWSIL™ 52 Additive when used with wax emulsions shows a significant improvement in slip over the samples containing only wax emulsions.

Figure 1. DOWSIL™ 52 Additive in combination with wax emulsion

Graph: 52 Additive in Combination with Wax Emulsion

DOWSIL™ 52 Additive improves slip and mar resistance when used alone or when used with wax emulsions. See and feel for yourself the difference this advanced silicone-based additive can make in your waterborne wood coatings. Order a sample to test in your interior/exterior formulations, or contact a coatings specialist with your questions and challenges.


These values are typical properties and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

  • Antiblocking true
  • Color Milky White
  • Flash Point, Closed Cup > 101 °C
  • Gloss true
  • Kinetic / Kinematic Viscosity 3000 to 5000 Centistokes
  • Lower Coefficient of Friction true
  • Nonvolatile Content 62 to 67 %
  • Resistance Type Mar Resistance, Water Resistance
  • Shelf Life 360 Days
  • Slip Best
  • Solids Content 64 %

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DOWSIL™ 52 Additive
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DOWSIL™ 52 Additive

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DOWSIL™ 52 Additive
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