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DOWSIL™ 3364 Warm Edge IG Sealant

High modulus, two-part silicone secondary sealant with low thermal conductivity for use in energy efficient Insulated Glass Units.


  • High performance insulating glass
  • Glass edge of pure glass corners
  • Insulating glass for unitized façades
  • Insulating glass in structural glazing designs
  • Façade toggle systems


  • European technical approval (ETAG 002) for structural glazing with insulating glass
  • No design changes required
  • 45% lower thermal conductivity when compared to conventional IG silicones with a thermal conductivity of λ = 0.35 W/mK
  • Up to 25% lower psi-values for linear thermal transmittance
  • Enhanced energy performance of façades: up to 5% lower UCW-value
  • Lowers risk of condensation: up to +1°C higher surface temperatures
For warmer buildings and improved living comfort

DOWSIL™ 3364 Warm Edge IG Sealant is a secondary silicone for insulating glass, with low thermal conductivity and excellent performance. It holds a European approval (ETA), allowing for durable bonding in high performing energy designs.

Suitable for double and triple glazed IG, including gas-filled units in structural glass façades, this new silicone has a very low thermal conductivity to optimize performance in glass façades for improved energy efficiency and living comfort.

As with other DOWSIL™ Insulating Glass silicone sealants, it provides long-term durability with UV resistance and excellent adhesion to glass. The low thermal conductivity of DOWSIL™ 3364 Sealant can increase the energy efficiency of a façade and hence the energy performance of the total building as well as help reduce CO2 emissions. This can also result in a reduced risk of condensation on the internal window panes.

Areas of heat loss in a façade system

DOWSIL™ 3364 Warm Edge IG Sealant has been tested according to ETAG 002 and EN 1279.

Webinar: DOWSIL™ 3364 Warm Edge Silicone Sealant

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DOWSIL™ 3364 Warm Edge IG Sealant
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DOWSIL™ 3364 Warm Edge IG Sealant

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DOWSIL™ 3364 Warm Edge IG Sealant
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