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DOWSIL™ 204SL Additive

Multi-purpose additive creating a differentiated hand feel, also providing slip and leveling in radiation curable coatings, inks and overprint varnishes. Suitable across a wide range of substrates including paper, board and plastics.


  • Can be used in solventborne, waterborne and radiation cured paints, coatings, inks and overprint varnishes
  • Effective on wood, furniture and plastic substrates
  • Lower the coefficient of friction
  • Highly effective flow and leveling properties
  • Good recoatability
  • Effective at low addition levels
  • Compliant with European legislation for indirect food contact (Swiss Ordinance RS 817.023.21 Annex 6, Part B)
  • BTX-free
  • Enable minimization of raw material portfolio


These values are typical properties and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

  • Melting Point Yes No 0.6 °C
  • Viscosity at 25ºC Yes No 100 to 150 Centistokes

Dow introduces an innovative family of silicone slip and leveling agents for solventborne, waterborne and radiation curable wood, furniture and plastic coatings, inks and overprint varnishes:

  • DOWSIL™ 204SL Additive
  • DOWSIL™ 205SL Additive
  • DOWSIL™ 401LS Additive

Are you looking to differentiate your formulations by offering systems that provide a pleasing hand feel and improved flow and leveling performance, but can’t find additives that don’t affect recoatability or foam stabilization? Do you have a wide range of resin systems targeting many different applications and are having difficulty finding just the right additive for each system?

Dow’s innovative family of slip and leveling agents allows you to identify tailored solutions and fine-tune your solventborne, waterborne and radiation curable coating, ink and OPV formulations for optimum performance on wood, furniture and plastic substrates.

DOWSIL™ 204SL Additive is an additive offering the formulator best-in-class slip performance in radiation curable coatings of the product family and versus leading competitor additives, with good leveling properties and without compromise on recoatability. It is a 100% silicone polyether copolymer, this allows for low VOC, low addition levels and formulation flexibility.

Effective at low concentrations, DOWSIL™ 204SL Additive is recommended to use at approximately 0.2% as supplied, based on the total formulation (although the amount required depends on the type of formulation). As low viscosity liquid, it can be added and incorporated easily during the letdown stage of the process. As a 100% silicone polyether copolymer, this product allows high shear stability and flexibility in the order of addition in the paint process.

Figure 1: Dynamic coefficient of friction, leveling and recoatability of a UV cure, solventless, acrylate-based varnish containing various DOWSIL™ additives versus competitor additives. Additives were added at 0.2% by weight in the total formulation.

Graph: Dynamic coefficient of friction, leveling and recoatability of a UV cure, solventless, acrylate-based varnish

Key features of specific slip and leveling additives

  • DOWSIL™  205SL Additive is a multipurpose silicone additive offering top performance in leveling, slip and hand feel, combined with excellent defoaming properties. 
  • DOWSIL™  204SL Additive provides excellent slip, superior hand feel, better recoatability and improved clarity with comparable leveling speed, particularly for radiation curable formulations.
  • DOWSIL™  401LS Additive provides excellent wetting and leveling in solventborne formulations at use levels as low as 0.075% and without affecting clarity or recoatability. 
  • DOWSIL™ 57 Additive and DOWSIL™ 402LS Additive complete the family of additives. Both are standard DOWSIL™ products for leveling.

While each individual product has primary properties that deliver key performance benefits in a formulation, the final choice of additive should also depend on its secondary attributes. Together these characteristics will reflect the exact combination of properties required for a given application.

Figure 2: Primary and secondary benefits of DOWSIL™ slip and leveling additives.

Graph: Primary and secondary benefits of slip and leveling additives

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DOWSIL™ 204SL Additive
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DOWSIL™ 204SL Additive

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DOWSIL™ 204SL Additive
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