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DOWSIL™ 100F Additive

Foam control agent in solvent-based and radiation curable coatings.


  • Fluorosilicone for high-efficiency defoaming
  • Effective at very low use levels
  • Does not affect recoatability
  • In-can stability for continued performance, even after long-term storage
  • Can be used in solvent-based, high-solids solventborne, solventless and radiation-curable systems
  • Can be added in the let-down stage
  • Does not cause severe surface defects in the applied coating
  • Clear and colorless formulation
  • Does not cause gloss change or haze in the coating finish
  • Higher flash point (47ºC) for better storage safety
  • Global availability


These values are typical properties and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

  • Active Content Yes No 0.95 to 1.05 %
  • Flash Point, Closed Cup Yes No 47 °C
  • Shelf Life Yes No 720 Days

Innovative fluorosilicone additive for efficient, defect-free foam control, even after long-term storage

Is foam generation causing problems with the production, filling and application of your solvent-based or radiation-curable paints, inks and coatings? Are your high-solids formulations causing you particular trouble? Do you see more defects and haze and gloss issues resulting from the addition of your foam control agents? And do you have to use several different additives to control foam generation in your different solventborne, solventless and radiation-curable coatings?

Consider DOWSIL™ 100F Additive. It is a fluorosilicone defoaming agent that is effective in solvent-based and radiation-cured coating formulations, including high-solids systems. Because it is effective at very low use levels, DOWSIL™ 100F Additive does not affect the surface appearance or recoatability of the applied film. And it is suitable for multiple formulations, so you can achieve synergies in your manufacturing operations and supply chain. DOWSIL™ 100F Additive also helps improve customer satisfaction because it provides excellent foam control, even after long-term storage in formulated coatings.

Improved Foam Control with Fluorosilicone Technology

The low surface tension of DOWSIL™ 100F Additive enables very efficient foam control. The new fluorosilicone additive performs at very low concentrations, giving effective foam control at very low silicone addition levels, even in high-solids formulations. The low addition levels also mean DOWSIL™ 100F Additive does not cause issues with recoatability.

DOWSIL™ 100F Additive improves foam control performance beyond what is possible with other fluorosilicone-based products available today. The amount required is formulation-dependent, but DOWSIL™ 100F Additive typically is added up to 0.7 percent by weight (equivalent to 50 ppm fluorosilicone).

Figure 1: DOWSIL™ 100F Additive compared to competitor additives in a solventless, UV-curing acrylate varnish

Graph: DOWSIL™ 100F Additive compared to competitor additives in a solventless, UV-curing acrylate varnish

*Foam height after shearing for 1 minute at 5,000 rpm using a dissolver blade

Effective Long-Term Foam Control

DOWSIL™ 100F Additive provides better stability in coating formulations months after manufacturing has been completed. Its enhanced in-can stability in both solvent-based and solventless formulations gives long-term foaming protection for increased customer satisfaction.

After aging at 50°C for four weeks, good long-term foam control is still observed with DOWSIL™ 100F Additive in a high-solids (59 percent) paint, which outperforms the competitor solution.

Figure 2: DOWSIL 100F Additive at 0.5 weight percent (50 ppm silicone) in a high-solids red paint

Graph: DOWSIL™ 100F Additive at 0.5 weight percent (50 ppm silicone) in a high-solids red paint

Density (g/l) is reported after shearing 5 minutes at 2,800 rpm using a dissolver blade for un-aged and heat-aged (1 and 4 weeks at 50° C) paint.

Excellent results have been obtained in other types of formulations. For example, in a white, high-solids, solvent-based coating, DOWSIL™ 100F Additive provides better foam control after storage for three months at 50°C compared to a competitor antifoam.

Great Foam Control and Surface Appearance

DOWSIL™ 100F Additive is designed to be effective without compromising the surface appearance of the coating. As a clear and colorless formulation, it does not impact the gloss or clarity of the coating. And because it has good compatibility with solventborne and radiation-curable coating systems, DOWSIL™ 100F Additive has a low tendency to cause craters. In addition, it can be added in the let-down stage without causing surface defects. And this performance is maintained after long-term storage of the coating formulation.

In a white, high-solids, solvent-based paint, on Day 1 after roller application, micro-bubbles are still evident at the surface with a competitor material, but they are eliminated in the coating with DOWSIL™ 100F Additive. This performance is exaggerated after the paint formulated with the additives is left for three months at 50°C. 

Table 1: Differentiated performance of DOWSIL™ 100F Additive after long-term storage and with roller application

Property  DOWSIL™ 
100F Additive 
7 Additive 
Foam control (day 1)  ***  ***  *** 
Foam control (after storage)  ***  *** 
Impact on gloss and haze  ***  ***  *** 
Surface appearance with roller application  *** 

* Good  ** Better  *** Best

  • DOWSIL™ HV 496 Emulsion
    High molecular weight, low cyclic siloxane content, silanol functional siloxane polymer emulsion with a variety of applications such as fabric finishing, industrial release, fiberglass/mineral wool hydrophobization, hard surface cleaners; In spray starch products is used as ioring aid agent.

  • DOWSIL™ FZ-3196 Fluid
    Aunique solution for formulators of skin care, sun care, or color cosmetic products. Caprylyl Methicone combines a light, silky feel, excellent spreadability and moderate volatility with excellent compatibility with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients (such as natural oils), of which it improves the overall sensory profile by reducing greasiness and tackiness. It is a caprylyl branched trisiloxane. The siloxane consists of three silicon atoms which is the shortest Dimethicone, and octyl group is attached on the middle silicon. INCI Name: Caprylyl Methicone

  • SYL-OFF™ SL 11 Crosslinker
    Solventless silicone crossliner, design to enable formulation of coating systems at very low platinum catalyst levels.

  • SYL-OFF™ 7048 Crosslinker
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  • DOWSIL™ VM-2270 Aerogel Fine Particles
    A white free-flowing powder that is 100 percent hydrophobic for use in hair care, skincare, fragrance delivery, and antiperspirants / deodorants. INCI Name: Silica Silylate

  • DOWSIL™ 9509 Silicone Elastomer Suspension
    A non-ionic suspension of a spherical silicone elastomer powder in water for use in skincare, suncare, shower gel, and color cosmetic applications. INCI Name: Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer (and) C12-14 Pareth-12

  • DOWSIL™ 556 Cosmetic Grade Fluid
    A polyphenylmethylsiloxane for use in skincare, suncare, color cosmetic, hair care, and antiperspirant / deodorant applications. INCI Name: Phenyl Trimethicone

  • SYL-OFF™ 297 Anchorage Additive
    A 100% active silane anchorage additive. Recommended for use where improved anchorage to substrate is required.

  • DOWSIL™ HMW 2220 Non-Ionic Emulsion
    A 61 percent nonionic emulsion of a high molecular weight divinyldimethicone / dimethicone copolymer for use in skincare, suncare, shower gel, color cosmetic, and hair care applications. INCI Name: Divinyldimethicone / Dimethicone Copolymer (and) C12-13 Pareth-23 (and) C12-13 Pareth-3

  • SYL-OFF™ SL 9176 Anchorage Additive
    Solventless additive designed to improve anchorage of silicone release coatings to unprimed polyester films.

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DOWSIL™ 100F Additive
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DOWSIL™ 100F Additive

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DOWSIL™ 100F Additive
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