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DOWSIL™ 1-2620 Low VOC Conformal Coating

One-part, transparent low viscosity conformal coating with firm, abrasion resistant surface after cure. Low VOC version of 1-2620.


These values are typical properties and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

  • Curable Coating Yes No true
  • Dielectric Constant at 100 Hz Yes No 2.49
  • Dielectric Constant at 100 kHz Yes No 2.48
  • Dielectric Strength Yes No 400 volts per mil v/mil
  • Dielectric Strength (kV/mm) Yes No 16 kV/mm
  • Durometer - Shore A Yes No 80 Shore A
  • Flowable Yes No true
  • Low Odor Yes No true
  • Number of Parts Yes No One
  • Resistance Type Yes No Abrasion Resistance
  • Solvent Borne Yes No true
  • Volume Resistivity Yes No 1.05e+015 ohm-centimeters
  • DOWSIL™ EA-4600 HM RTV Black UV
    A moisture curing silicone adhesive formulated to have immediate green strength to offer assembly improvements. Products made with this adhesive can be immediately handled. As a viscoelastic material when cured and then exposed to high temperatures, this product will soften but recovers to its typical properties when cooled down.

  • DOWSIL™ 3-1953 Conformal Coating
    One-part, translucent, fast moisture RTV cure with mild heat acceleration possible, soft, stress-relieving, contains UV indicator.

  • DOWSIL™ 732 Multi-Purpose Sealant
    General-purpose acetoxy RTV sealant. Meets the requirements of 21 CFR Section 177.2600: "Rubber articles intended for repeated use".

  • DOWSIL™ 3-1944 RTV Coating
    One-part, translucent, moisture RTV, moderate flow, fast tack-free, contains UV indicator, UL 746 and Mil Spec tested.

  • DOWSIL™ TC-4525 A/B

    A thermally Conductive Gap Filler offers thermal conductivity of 2.5W/m.K. This is a soft and compressible silicone material designed to dissipate heat from electronic modules by conducting it to a heat sink such as an aluminum housing. Excellent fit for automotive electronics and battery packs applications.

  • DOWSIL™ VE-6001UV
    One part, transparent, low modulus, low shrinkage, UV curable resin for liquid-based bonding technology, Designed to bond Display Cover Glass/Plastic and Touch Panel to LCD/OLED Display Module

  • DOWSIL™ 3-1965 Conformal Coating
    One-part, clear, fast moisture RTV cure with mild heat acceleration possible, low viscosity, soft, stress-relieving, contains UV indicator.

  • XIAMETER™ PMX-200 Silicone Fluid 500,000 cSt
    100% active, 500,000 cSt, polydimethylsiloxane polymer.

  • DOWSIL™ 1200 OS Primer
    An air drying primer supplied as a dilute solution of moisture reactive materials in volatile siloxane and is used to improve both the quality and speed of adhesion development to room temperature vulcanizing silicone sealants to a variety of common non-porous substrates.

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DOWSIL™ 1-2620 Low VOC Conformal Coating
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DOWSIL™ 1-2620 Low VOC Conformal Coating

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DOWSIL™ 1-2620 Low VOC Conformal Coating
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