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DOW™ Benzene

A volatile, clear, colorless, and flammable liquid aromatic hydrocarbon possessing a distinct, characteristic odor.


  • Ethylbenzene and styrene (used to manufacture polystyrene plastics, engineering plastics, and synthetic rubber)
  • Cumene and phenol (used to make phenolic resins like epoxies, polycarbonate, and more)
  • Cyclohexane (used to make nylon products)
  • Nitrobenzene and aniline (used to make dyes, polyurethanes, etc.)
  • Alkylbenzenes (used to make detergents)
  • Chlorobenzenes and other intermediates (used to produce pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, plastics, glazing materials, resins, dyes, and pesticides)


  • Reliable, cost-effective source for benzene products
  • Suitable for use in a variety of applications
  • Available in Europe and North America by rail, barge, and vessel


These values are typical properties and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

  • Main Active Components & Concentration Range (w%) Benzene (>99%)

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DOW™ Benzene
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DOW™ Benzene

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DOW™ Benzene
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