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DOWSIL™ SW-8005 C30 Resin Wax

A 66°C melting point silicone resin wax. It combines the physical and chemical characteristics of silicone wax with silicone resin such as improved non transfer. INCI Name: C30-45 Alkyldimethylsilyl Polypropylsilsesquioxane


  • Unique texture 
  • Improved transfer resistance 
  • Better color intensity, gloss and coverage 
  • Good compatibility with fragrances and organic materials 
  • Longer-lasting fragrance 
  • Wash-off resistance properties 
  • Ease of formulation
  • Listed in the Catalogue of Cosmetics Ingredients used in China


These values are typical properties and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.

  • Flash Point, Closed Cup Yes No > 100 °C
  • Melting Point Yes No 66 °C
  • Organic Compatibility Yes No true
  • Semi-occlusive Yes No true
  • Specific Gravity @ 25C Yes No 0.8
  • Texture Yes No true

Silicone resin cosmetic wax solutions

Today’s consumers demand increasingly sophisticated beauty and personal care products. With Dow's patented new silicone resin wax technology, you can create skin care products and color cosmetics that look great, feel fabulous and win their loyalty. Skin care and color cosmetic applications include facial care, body care, mascaras and lipsticks.

Give your products unique sensory and performance benefits

DOWSIL™ SW-8005 C30 Resin Wax is an innovative silicone resin wax that will bring pleasing sensory benefits to your facial and body creams, and exciting performance benefits to your color cosmetics, including blushes, mascaras and lipsticks.

Reduce transfer, improve gloss, heighten color

Results of liquid lipstick evaluations show that formulating with DOWSIL™ SW-8005 C30 Resin Wax reduced transfer, improved gloss, and heightened color intensity.

Take advantage of DOWSIL™ SW-8005 C30 Resin Wax’s excellent compatibility

DOWSIL™ SW-8005 C30 Resin Wax is compatible with a wide variety of commonly used ingredients such as silicone fluids, organic waxes, esters, and vegetable oils, including castor oils. Use our sample formulations to see for yourself how this unique silicone resin wax can help you deliver the results your customers demand.

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DOWSIL™ SW-8005 C30 Resin Wax
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DOWSIL™ SW-8005 C30 Resin Wax

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DOWSIL™ SW-8005 C30 Resin Wax
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