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Dipropylene Gly LO+

It is a high-purity product, designed for use in odor-sensitive applications, such as fragrances and cosmetics. The material, a distilled product with purity greater than 99.5% as dipropylene glycol, is a liquid that is colorless, water-soluble, hygroscopic and nearly odorless. This grade of DPG was developed to meet the needs of manufacturers who require consistent high quality for their fragrances and personal care products.

A secret behind-the-scenes ingredient

Dipropylene Glycol LO+ is a particular product grade designed for prominent brand name development needs, which require only the highest quality elements. As a distilled product with purity greater than 99.5%, the colorless, odorless liquid is compatible with water, oils and hydrocarbons. Diproylene Glycol LO+ can comprise over 50% of a fragrance formulation, or less than that in other personal care products.


  • Perfumes and colognes
  • Skin care – creams, lotions, sun-care products
  • Deodorants/antiperspirants – roll-on, stick deodorants
  • Hair care – shampoos, conditioners, styling, coloring products
  • Shaving products – creams, foams, gels, after-shave lotions
  • Bath and shower products

Trustworthy production a bonus to long-lasting scent

  • Low odor
  • Low skin irritation potential and low toxicity
  • Excellent co-solvency for water, oils and hydrocarbons
  • Kosher and halal certified
  • Traceable through the entire supply chain
  • Manufactured in compliance with strict Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices

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Dipropylene Gly LO+
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Dipropylene Gly LO+

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Dipropylene Gly LO+
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