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AgeCap™ Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient

This traps selectively Reactive Oxygen Species (ROC ) to avert their damaging effects. As it employs a non-self-sacrifycing mechanism, it helps enhance efficiency versus conventional anti-oxidants. It contributes to healthy skin by softening wrinkle appearance, promoting skin radiance and delivering skin smoothing effects.

What if we could age well?

It’s no longer about anti-aging- it’s about aging well. The effects of aging upon the skin become more dramatic with consistent exposure to damaging external sources, such as UV light, air pollution and cigarette smoke.

Protect skin from external factors

AgeCap™ Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient helps prevent skin damage by trapping selectively reactive oxygen species before any damage is incurred.

This cosmetic ingredient offers skin-protecting benefits:

  • Softening the appearance of wrinkles
  • Providing skin smoothing effect
  • Promotion of skin radiance
  • Good photo-stability and thermal stability

Wrinkle's appearance reduction and skin smoothing and radiance

A large clinical study demonstrated that AgeCap™ Smooth performed equal to retinol in softening the appearance of wrinkles while delivering similar skin radiance benefits and delivered in addition skin smoothing benefits.

AgeCap™ Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient Overview

Learn more about how AgeCap™ Smooth enables healthy looking skin.

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AgeCap™ Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient
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AgeCap™ Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient

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AgeCap™ Smooth Cosmetic Ingredient
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