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ACUSOL™ 479N Detergent Polymer

Control deposition and improve results

Maintain fabric whiteness and control the formation of scale with ACUSOL™ 497N Anti-redeposition Dispersant Polymer. An acrylic and maleic copolymer with optimized molecular weight, ACUSOL™ 497N Polymer was designed to control the formation of insoluble scale and maintain fabric whiteness across a variety of household and industrial cleaning formulations, such as automatic dishwasher detergent and reduced or non-phosphate laundry detergents.

Tackle mineral buildup

  • Superior dispersion properties prevent detergent or dirt buildup on fibers and surfaces
  • Increased solubility of precipitating salts to prevent graying of fabrics and reduction of inorganic filming on surfaces
  • Enhanced crystal distortion to minimize adherence of salts to fibers and facilitate elimination through rinsing

The superior dispersion properties of ACUSOL™ 497N Polymer aid in secondary detergency, keeping the dispersed minerals suspended in the wash bath to prevent them from re-settling on fabrics or surfaces.

Enhance the product manufacturing process

  • Acts as processing aid in powder detergent production for higher slurry solids, less dusting and lower energy consumption

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ACUSOL™ 479N Detergent Polymer
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ACUSOL™ 479N Detergent Polymer

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ACUSOL™ 479N Detergent Polymer
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