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ACULYN™ 33 Rheology Modifier

The original suspending agent and stabilizer / rheology modifier. It is typically used in a variety of applications, such as bar soap, peroxide-containing cleansers, as well as hand and body lotions. INCI Name: Acrylates Copolymer


  • Shear thinning properties with a short flow
  • Stable in highly alkaline systems
  • Very efficient suspending agent for thin pouring systems
  • Stabilizer for emulsifier-free emulsions
  • Instant neutralization/thickening
  • Excellent viscosity stability
  • Compatible in systems containing hydrogen peroxide

A cost-effective thickener for formulations containing polar solvents

ACULYN™ 33 Rheology Modifier is a cost-effective thickener particularly suited for formulations containing polar solvents. ACULYN™ 33 is an excellent suspending agent. Thanks to its unique ease of use, wide compatability, cost effectiveness and favorable balance of rheological properties, the rheology modifier can be used in a breadth of skin and hair care formulation and product types including hand soaps, lotions, hair dyes, solvent gels, emulsions and clear solutions.

ACULYN™ 33 Rheology Modifier is an alkali-swellable anionic acrylic polymer emulsion (ASE) that is lightly crosslinked to impart a short pseudoplastic flow. It is a liquid, cold-processable product that instantaneously thickens upon neutralization, providing ease of handling and increased manufacturing efficiency.

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ACULYN™ 33 Rheology Modifier
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ACULYN™ 33 Rheology Modifier

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ACULYN™ 33 Rheology Modifier
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