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Great packaging shapes the world. It keeps food fresher longer. It captures your attention. It carries us forward. And it’s always evolving. With contributions from leading packaging experts, IN Packaging Perspective provides you with a unique view into the packaging industry. This is your place to learn about the people, trends and technologies that are shaping the packaging that’s shaping the world.

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A Wheel of Colors

Color can quickly communicate a lot about the product inside. Here’s a quick primer on the language of color.Read Article

Back to basics labels

Back To Basics Labels

Health conscious consumers want products free of artificial ingredients and brand owners are simplifying their products to meet this growing demand. But communicating a products “all natural” composition remains a challenge.We spoke with Jean-Pierre Lacroix, president of the Toronto-based design agency Shikatani Lacroix, to learn how a new labeling trend can simplify things for everyone.Read Article

Dark colors and humor

Dark Colors And Humor Spur New Trends In Men’s Packaging

Men are moisturizing like never before. A cultural shift in male grooming is narrowing the divide between men’s and women’s personal care products. But the packaging for these two demographics couldn’t be more distinct from one another. Learn how thoughtful packaging design is making exfoliating a manly pursuit.Read Article

The Global Packaging Picture

15 Minutes With ...The Global Packaging Picture

To get a better perspective on the current and future state of the packaging industry, IN spoke to five packaging experts from around the globe. In less than 15 minutes, each of our experts weigh in on the same themes – the state of the global packaging industry, future growth opportunities, and design trends in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the United States.Read Article


Fifty Years Of Innovation: Bag In Box

It’s rare–if ever–that you can toast the anniversary of something with itself. But that was exactly the case in 2015 when the Bag-in-a-Box celebrated its 50th birthday. What began as a novel alternative to bottled wine has grown into one of the industry’s most versatile and exciting packaging solutions. Learn about the origins and future of the ever-innovating Bag-in-a-Box.Read Article

Game Plan

Game Plan

The terms “contract packaging” and “contract manufacturing” are often used interchangeably. In practice, contract packaging deals with the packaging of an already manufactured item, whereas contract manufacturing deals with the production of the packaging and its contents. In both cases, if done right, outsourcing part of the production process of consumer goods can increase competitiveness in today’s fast-changing market. Read Article


It's Time For Africa

Africa is experiencing an economic renaissance, fueled in no small part by a burgeoning agricultural industry. IN highlights findings from EY’s Africa Attractiveness Survey 2015 that assessed the future outlook for Africa.Read Article

Over vs. Underpacking

Over Vs. Underpacking

Packaging is under pressure to do more with less. Consumers see excessive packaging as harmful and insensitive to the environment. Investors see it as harmful to the brand’s bottom line. So how do you deliver on these demands while ensuring products arrive intact and on brand?Read Article

Rising incomes, rising expectations

Rising Incomes, Rising Expectations

Latin America is hungry for new ways to eat. The region’s strong economic growth is creating a burgeoning middle-class with new expectations for the quality, availability and diversity of food. For the prepared and packaged food industries, Latin America is a huge opportunity. But like any market, it presents its own unique obstacles and challenges. To learn more, we spoke with Michael Sansolo–Research Director of the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Councils of North and Latin America.Read Article

Sweet Lulu

Sweet Lulu's Bakery On Wheels

Sweet Lulu’s Bakery on Wheels founder Karen Moran shares her signature packaging solution for cupcakes produced out of her successful bakery food truck in Charleston, South Carolina.Read Article

The Accelerating Growth of Plastic

The Accelerating Growth of Plastic

The global plastic packaging market is expected to reach $370 billion by 2020, driven by global trends including a surging world population, the rise of a global middle class, growing urbanization and increased mobility.Read Article

Packaging free supermarkets

The Great Debate – Packaging Free Supermarkets

The concept is simple: bring your own containers to the store and fill them with the desired quantity of chosen food. Packaging free supermarkets essentially offer the consumer everything they could want to buy, but without the choice of brand or specific packaging. Read Article