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Each edition of IN Perspective captures the dynamic world of packaging. We cover the new trends and technologies, global issues, and talk to industry thought leaders about the future.

Our latest editions are fueld by Inspiration, mindful of International needs and are driven by Innovation.Topics include the future of packaging design, how celebrity chefs are tackling food wasate, ongoing initiatives to combat littering, how “lightweighting” shares economic and ecological goals, and more.

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A label for all

A Label for All

The packaging industry is affected by new labeling requirements. Could the future of packaging culture be the e-label?Read article

A wheel of colors

A Wheel of Colors

Color can quickly communicate a lot about the product inside. Here’s a quick primer on the language of color.Read article

Cities are here to stay

Cities Are Here to Stay

Antonis Mavropoulos, the blogger behind Global View of Waste Management, helps answer how megacities can cope with improved recyclingRead article

Discovering luxury

Discovering Luxury

What if the word “luxury” was banned? Marie Lena Tupot and Tim Stock, founding partners of scenarioDNA, raise that question.Read article

Disruptive design

Disruptive Design

Professor of Design Issues Paul Rodgers discusses the process behind Disruptive Thinking as a way to challenge existing norms and behaviors.Read article

Know the box: to think outside

Know the Box: To Think Outside

How the rise of specialized packaging education is better equipping the next generation of packaging designers.Read article

Litter less

Litter Less

A campaign by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) aims to raise awareness about littering by empowering young people to make a changeRead article

Littering 2.0

Littering 2.0

Wesley Schultz, a social psychologist conducted a study on human behavior around litteringRead article

Loving lightweighting

Loving Lightweighting

Discusses the development of lighter weight packaging in relation to the global trend to create more sustainable packaging.Read article

Mobile commerce: packaging on the internet

Mobile Commerce: Packaging on the Internet

Online sales of consumer goods is booming and becoming increasingly more sophisticated. What implications does that have on the packaging industryRead article

Packaging throughout the 1930s: design in a time of crisis

Packaging Throughout the 1930s: Design in a Time of Crisis

Take a trip back to the Depression Era when social turmoil was at a peak—and see how packaging design flourished.Read article

The global kitchen

The Global Kitchen

Three chefs from around the world have launched unique initiatives to tackle the food waste issue in their local communities.Read article