VERSIFY™ Plastomers

VERSIFY™ Plastomers are part of a versatile family of specialty ethylene­propylene copolymers produced with a revolutionary catalyst in combination with Dow’s proprietary INSITE™ Technology and Solution Process. Their unique molecular architecture provides films, fibers, and molded parts with an outstanding combination of excellent optics, sealing and hot tack performance, plus elasticity, flexibility, softness, and compatibility in blends.

VERSIFY™ Plastomers create a world of new possibilities for converters, processors and formulators, in the form of new products, new applications, and new markets.

Advantages of VERSIFY™ Plastomers

  • Excellent adhesion to polyethylene and polypropylene
  • Can be formulated in blends for peelable seal, easy-open packaging
  • Excellent for use as sealant when coextruded with polypropylene

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