Tough resins for a multitude of rigid packaging applications

Developed for blow molded bottles, drums, and other industrial containers, UNIVAL™ HDPE Resins deliver excellent rigidity, superior stress crack resistance, high impact and melt strength, and moderate swell. UNIVAL HDPE Resins are used to produce containers for household goods and industrial chemicals; toiletries and cosmetics; health and medicinal aids; food products; and milk, juice, and water bottles.

Advantages of UNIVAL™ HDPE Resins

  • Can be blow molded into bottles up to 20 gallons in size
  • Can be blow molded into thin-walled parts and houseware items
  • Can be extruded into profiles
  • All UNIVAL HDPE Resins comply with: U.S. FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 ® 3.2a; Canadian HPFB No Objections (with limitations); EU, No 10/2011

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