Sealant resins created by Dow have proven themselves over decades of use in numerous packaging applications. From strong, dependable sealants for challenging liquids to innovative easy-peel sealants, Dow has the resources and experience to answer a variety of sealing challenges.

AFFINITY™ Polyolefin Plastomers

Cost-effective, easy to process, and ideal for a wide range of packaging applications.

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This Next Generation (NG) family of products offers all of ATTANE’s features along with high processability and more.

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ATTANE™ ULDPE Copolymers

Meets demanding performance requirements in very specific market segments, such as stretch wrap, food packaging, health and hygiene.

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ELITE™ AT Advanced Technology Resins

Dow innovation allows very high processability and improved organoleptic properties. Reduce package thickness by up to 25 percent without sacrificing toughness or machinability.

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SEALUTION™ Peel Polymers

Create easy-open packages with consistent peel performance that resists splitting, tearing, shredding, and stringing.

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VERSIFY™ Plastomers

Offers an outstanding combination of excellent optics, sealing and hot tack performance, elasticity, flexibility, softness and compatibility in blends.

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