RESILITY™ Innovative Rotomolding Resins

RESILITY™ Innovative Rotomolding Resins offer a robust portfolio of polyethylene-based solutions that can meet the diverse demands of rotational molding applications without sacrificing strength, integrity or performance.

  • UV 20+ rating & weathering protection
  • Bright white & vibrant colored parts
  • Fast cycle times & wide processing windows
  • Exceptional resin stability
  • Increased regrind incorporation capacity
  • Reduced plate out
  • Lightweighting/downgauging
  • Differentiated materials


Dow’s new generation of rotational molding solutions offers the robust performance required by today’s applications, including UV stability ratings of UV20 and higher. The resins’ increased resistance to thermal abuse allows colors to remain vibrant and stable with virtually no color change over extended periods. In addition, improved gas fade resistance supports the resiliency of white during pulverization, rotomolding and storage.


Our next generation materials offer up to 30 percent wider processing windows with the flexibility to optimize temperatures and cycle times. Coupled with the resins’ exceptional stability, this creates the potential for increased productivity, reduced scrap rates, and lower overall production costs.


Dow solutions for rotational molding applications can be included in PE recycle streams. The resins’ inherent strength and toughness offer excellent potential for downgauging, which can result in reduced material usage, lighter weight parts, and lower transportation costs and emissions. Polymer quality and consistency also enables increased capacity to incorporate regrind, a benefit that can help enhance sustainability while also potentially lowering total costs.


XUS 58441.00 Experimental Soft Touch Copolymer is an innovative, elastomeric material that combines soft touch and feel with exceptional resistance to impact, slip, and abrasion plus a UV20+ rating. These attributes – along with easy processing, ambient pulverization capabilities, and outstanding color stability – make this 2017 R&D 100 Award finalist an ideal choice for grips, non-slip surfaces, toys, furniture, and any other application that can benefit from enhanced tactility and durability.

Rotational Molding Product Offering(1)

Rotational Molding Product Offering


Dow’s powerful Rotomolding solutions and extensive knowledge of material science are supported by Pack Studios – an exclusive network of technical experts, equipment, and testing capabilities that enables collaborative, accelerated development of innovative technologies and applications.

The Pack Studios facility in Freeport, Texas offers a full suite of developmental rotomolding capabilities to help you bring better products to market faster:

  • Physical and Thermal Characterization
  • Light and Electronic Microscopy
  • Compounding and Dry Blending
  • Pulverization
  • Rotational Molding with Internal
  • Air-based Process Control
  • ARM, Gardner, Izod, Charpy, and Instrumented Dart Impact Testing
  • Fabricated Part Testing
  • UV and Weathering Testing
  • Regrinding