ROBOND™ Water-Borne Adhesives & Coatings

Water-based innovations that aren't all wet.

Featuring a complete line of water-based, dry bond laminating adhesives, ROBOND™ L Series Adhesives meet a wide range of laminating adhesive needs, from general purpose label applications, to flexible laminations for food packaging, to applications requiring improved heat and chemical resistance. These adhesives are suitable for a broad range of substrates including films, foils, and paper. The laminations also endure pasteurization and aggressive filling goods, such as coffee or sauces.

Advantages of ROBOND™ Water-Borne Adhesives & Coatings

  • VOC compliant
  • Exceptionally long pot life (up to eight hours)
  • Excellent bond strength and chemical resistance
  • Films can proceed to slitting immediately after lamination
  • Can be used for printing and lamination in line