Whether you’re looking for reduced weight, increased strength, faster processing or improved downgauging – Dow has the polyethylene products and solutions that could satisfy the toughest of packaging challenges.

Low density, linear low density, high density, or ultra low density –– Dow's expansive portfolio of polyethylene resins serves a wide range of packaging needs.

AGILITY™ Performance LDPE

Next-generation extrusion coating AGILITY™ Performance LDPE resin is designed for high speed low gauge processing. With enhanced and globally available process technology, AGILITY™ addresses the most stringent industry requirements, offering a suitable substitute to extrusion coating materials available today.

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Aspun MB

ASPUN™ MB Meltblown Fiber Resins

Comfort is king for adult incontinence, diapers and feminine hygiene products and that starts with softer, more cloth-like nonwoven materials. Unfortunately, increasing softness and comfort typically reduces strength, durability, and processability.

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DOWLEX™ Polyethylene Resins

Tough with good clarity and seal strength, but also a cost-effective packaging material with a wide variety of applications.

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ELITE™ Enhanced Polyethylene Resins

A single material packaging solution that combines properties without compromising processability.

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FLEXOMER™ Very Low Density Polyethylene Resins

In addition to cost savings and efficiency, these resins add excellent strength, toughness and flexibility to packaging.

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INNATE™ Precision Packaging Resins

Born from a breakthrough patented molecular catalyst coupled with advanced process technology, INNATE™ Precision Packaging Resins offer performance levels and combinations like never before.

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Resility Logo

Resility™ Innovative Rotomolding Resins

A robust portfolio of polyethylene-based solutions that can meet the diverse demands of rotational molding applications without sacrificing strength, integrity or performance.

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