Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE)

MDPE resins are suitable for a number of packaging applications such as lamitube, stand up pouches, over-wrap films, milk pouches and lamination films where stiffness and toughness are essential.

MDPE resins offer higher stiffness, dart impact strength and tear strength while still maintaining excellent optics.

DOWLEX™ Polyethylene Resins

Cost-effective packaging when more toughness and puncture resistance is required.

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ELITE™ Enhanced Polyethylene Resins

A single material packaging solution that combines properties without compromising processability.

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Resility™ Innovative Rotomolding Resins

A robust portfolio of polyethylene-based solutions that can meet the diverse demands of rotational molding applications without sacrificing strength, integrity or performance.

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TUFLIN™ Linear Low Density Polyethylene Resins

Delivers superb toughness, excellent tear and puncture resistance, high stiffness. Adaptable to a range of gauges.

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