EVERCAP™ Innovative Closure Resins

Take a Turn for the Better with EVERCAP™ Innovative Closure Resins

EVERCAP™ Innovative Closure Resins is the only resin portfolio you need for demanding cap, closure, and fitment applications. This exciting development from The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) offers:

  • Differentiated polyethylene solutions with unmatched performance and processability
  • Exceptional versatility to address mega trends and key industry needs
  • Opportunities for collaborative, accelerated innovation


As the world’s leading polyethylene producer, Dow’s innovative, wide-ranging chemistries and manufacturing processes offer a one-of-a-kind resource for cap and closure technology. This rich pool of capabilities allows the family of EVERCAP™ PE resins to deliver unsurpassed levels of key attributes – including environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR), stiffness, and toughness – as well as industry-leading sealability, barrier protection, durability, processability, security, organoleptics, lightweighting, and recyclability.


The outstanding performance of EVERCAP™ Innovative Closure Resins offers answers regarding mega trends and other important issues that impact not only the packaging industry, but also the world at large. The EVERCAP™ product portfolio can help:

  • Reduce food waste via improved barrier/ shelf-life performance
  • Assist the aging population by enabling easier opening and closing
  • Ensure health and wellness through both aseptic and hot fill sterilization processes
  • Offer enhanced product safety with consistent, reliable tamper evidence

The family of EVERCAP™ resins can also help develop stronger sustainability profiles. For example, conversion from two- to onepiece closures and increased opportunities for lightweighting help reduce material usage and enable more efficient, cost-effective transportation throughout the value chain.

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