ASPUN™ MB Meltblown Fiber Resins

A Breakthrough in Soft, Efficient Nonwovens

Aspun MBComfort is king for adult incontinence, diapers and feminine hygiene products and that starts with softer, more cloth-like nonwoven materials. Unfortunately, increasing softness and comfort typically reduces strength, durability, and processability.

ASPUN™ MB Meltblown Fiber Resins can change that perception. This polyethylene (PE) technology produces softer, finer fibers than existing PE and polypropylene (PP) materials while maintaining strength, durability, and processability. The result is a new generation of nonwovens for both monolithic spunbond fabrics and composites such as SMS using bicomponent spunbond that offer:

  • Increased softness/comfort
  • Improved barrier properties
  • Greater structural durability
  • Better odor control
  • Enhanced gamma sterilization resistance
  • Efficient processing

ASPUN™ MB resins were developed to enhance these properties in a variety of applications including:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Medical drapes & garments
  • Sterilization packs
  • Filtration
  • Other hygiene and industrial applications

Softness and Barrier Properties of SMS Composites(1)

ASPUN™ MB softness barrier graph

(1)Data per tests conducted by Dow. Additional information available upon request.