AQUALAM™ Aqueous Laminating Adhesive

AQUA-LAM™ Aqueous Laminating Adhesive

AQUALAM Aqueous Laminating Adhesives are distinctly applicable for flexible films and cellulosic substrates. They provide high initial bond performance and offer very good clarity for excellent optics.

AQUALAM consists of a water-based polyurethane adhesive and an epoxy-based polymer or a water-based isocyanate dispersion. The two components are mixed just prior to application and the water is then removed by heat. The adhesive system cures while in a series of rolls. The resulting adhesive is a solid material with high bond strength, good clarity, and good thermal stability.

AQUALAM is often used in the following ways:

  • Food packaging – snack foods, sealant for plastic film on frozen-food containers
  • Medical packaging applications
  • Industrial laminating applications

DOW water-based urethane adhesives used for food packaging comply with FDA regulation 21CFR175.105.