Shrink wrap is some of the hardest working packaging material available. Its low cost, versatility, light weight, and effectiveness make it a popular choice for packaging a variety of foods.

But not all shrink wrap is equal. Shrink wrap formulated with Dow resins is the preferred choice of many brand owners and converters.

Advantages of Shrink Wrap Formulated with Dow Resins

Safety – Shrink wrap made with Dow resins helps keep meat and dairy products from spoiling by keeping air and moisture away from the product.

Freshness – Dow resins are designed to help keep air out, extending the freshness of just about any product.

Protection – Shrink wrap made with Dow resins resists punctures and tears, and has excellent closure to prevent leakage.

Low Temperature Flexibility – Shrink wrap formulated with Dow’s ATTANE resin offers greater flexibility at low temperatures.

Shelf Appeal - For display packaging, Dow’s specialty resins such as DOWLEX and ELITE can help improve package design as well as its performance.


Shrink Wrap from Dow Packaging is used in the following specialty markets.