Dow’s special class of HEALTH+ polymers reflects a strong commitment to the packaging needs of the healthcare industry.


Dow has been a trusted supplier to the healthcare industry for many years. This relationship has given us a thorough understanding of the qualification processes and protocols required for packaging within various healthcare segments.

In addition, Dow embraces the healthcare industry’s ceaseless drive to improve quality and efficiency. This helps us ensure a high level of consistency in resins and production.

This combination of industry experience and dedication to quality helped motivate Dow to create a special designation in our product line: DOW HEALTH+ Polymers.

DOW HEALTH+ Polymers – Quality, Compliance, Commitment

Quality - HEALTH+ polymers are manufactured under stringent specifications and designed exclusively for resins used in products within the healthcare industry.

Regulatory Compliance - Each HEALTH+ polymer has been certified in accordance with requirements for specific healthcare applications.

Commitment and Transparency - To maintain complete transparency, all HEALTH+ polymers include a Notification of Change in specifications, product composition, sourcing location, and discontinuation of product.


Dow's Medical Packaging market serves several specialty markets.