The rigid lids and flexible film that seal off packaged food have been developed to help keep the product inside fresh, safe, secure and convenient.

Those two components, along with the adhesive sealant that adheres the flexible film to the container, have all been perfected by Dow to work in perfect harmony.

This combination is seen often at work with dairy products where safety and freshness play such a crucial role. This 1-2 safety combination is also being utilized often with high-end pet food.

Dow’s Lidstock Resins At Work

  • Dow resins offer high barrier to oxygen and moisture for both safety and extended freshness.
  • Dow resins provide durability throughout a sometimes lengthy processing and distribution process.
  • Dow adhesives offer excellent seal strength between the flexible film and rigid container.
  • Dow resins offer vibrant optics that enable clear and attractive labeling on the rigid lids.


Lidstock from Dow Packaging is used in the following specialty markets.