People love snacks, so we help meet the packaging needs of today’s consumer.


Crackers, chips, nuts, cereals and bakery goods can become soggy in moist environments or just get stale and tossed out before their time.

The packaging of snack foods demands specific requirements to maintain freshness. These requirements may include barrier to light, oxygen, or moisture, as well as toughness and sealability.

Fortunately a smart packaging design using Dow materials can keep snack foods fresh longer. 

Snack Packaging Materials Designed for the Job

From dry food that requires a barrier to moisture to those with stringent flavor and odor requirements, Dow has a broad range of products and solutions to match the packaging need. Dow's snack packaging materials and technologies have been perfected over the years through collaborative efforts with brand owners, retailers and converters.

Shelf appeal and the tactile feel of a package are major concerns with snack food. Dow's resins, adhesives and coatings for snack food packaging are designed to optimize a package’s look and feel as well as its performance.

Pack Studios – Where Collaboration Drives Innovation

Your snack food packaging challenge will find the perfect solution at Dow’s Pack Studios. With a global network of packaging experts, Dow’s Pack Studios feature the latest equipment, materials and testing capabilities all under one roof and in the spirit of collaboration. Learn more about Pack Studios.


Dow's Snack Packaging market features several specialty applications.